An electrical fire can be defined as a fire where an electric current or electrical fault is found to have been the ignition source. Some examples would be A) Overloaded wiring – Where the electric current flowing in the wires exceeds the rating of the cables. The wiring heats up and melts the insulation and can set fire to flammable material nearby.Commonly found in flexible cords, or power board leads B) Loose wiring connections – The current flowing through the wiring encounters resistance at the connection and generates heat. This can start a fire in the wall at the back of a power point, in a wiring junction box in the ceiling, above light fittings or inside a switchboard.Our FLIR Thermal Imaging camera can detect these electrical hot spots within the meter box that can lead to possible overheating and electrical fires that can have disastrous results.


A recent public awareness campaign conducted by ESV on television, cinema, and the print media, alerting the community to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO).Carbon Monoxide is called the silent killer,because you can’t see it, and you can’t smell it.It is mainly faulty, poorly maintained gas heaters and appliances which can cause carbon Monoxide to be produced. If carbon monoxide spills into the room as a result of any one of a range of issues, including an obstruction in the flue terminal or inadequate building ventilation to the outside, carbon monoxide poisoning may occur.


Operational and correctly positioned smoke alarms are a mandatory requirement for all residential homes throughout Australia. Investigations by insurance companies and fire authorities have revealed that upwards of 54% of smoke detectors are defective and will not work in an emergency. Landlords and their property managers have a duty of care to ensure smoke alarms are verified as operational annually in accordance with smoke alarm manufacturer’s specifications.


Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit.They automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or appliances.This stops the chance of current flowing to earth through a person and electrocuting them


A complete servicing and compliance safety report for:

CO testing of gas appliances

Thermal Imaging of electrical switch board

Smoke alarm servicing and compliance

Safety switch operation


  • Arranging access to the property with the tenants
  • Conducting tests in accordance with Building Codes and manufacturers requirements
  • Testing and cleaning of smoke alarms (max 4) and replacing batteries
  • Comprehensive safety report to property manager with recommended maintenance issues
  • Service stickers and calling cards for tenant advise
  • Programmed annual servicing and safety review